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Flood Damage Leads

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If you are a water damage repair service provider located in the U.S.A or Canada & you are looking to buy flood damage leads, then you have come to the correct web page.

WDLeads is a leading provider of online marketing tactics to make your telephone ring.

We realize that each flood damage service provider is different and varies in it’s business scope of services.

Certain contractors do repair work, others do not want to. Some companies do rebuild services, while at the same time some prefer not to. We’ll adjust our approach to meet your company’s needs.

In case you are currently trying to position your own business website in order to obtain flood damage restoration customer leads, then you are very likely squandering your time.

Think about this … Would you be your own lawyer?

Of course not. You couldn’t do as effective a job.

So why then be concerned with trying to get placement on page 1 of Google ?

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Leave that undertaking to the specialists! We will supply you with flood damage leads.

We don’t do pay per call! We prefer to do pay per job. You compensate us when the work is completed and after you obtain a check.

Doesn’t that sound excellent!

Today, there are several companies that are billing $375 or more for each and every call. Many of the phone calls don’t even work out.

Maybe the individual called multiple contractors, or they don’t possess the authority to allow the service.

From time to time because the person called additional water damage repair providers, you’ll arrive and observe that a different company has already gotten there first so your company can not the job, but you still have to spend hundreds of dollars for that phone call.

If your company is tired of shelling out for every telephone call especially the flops, then you will enjoy partnering with We don’t receive payment until after you receive payment. That’s right. The day you receive payment is the day that we get paid.

How about prolonged payments? Have you ever had to go to sue in order to get the house owner to pay? If so, we won’t hassle you. We will wait until you win the suit and receive the payment.

This is a win/win situation. Given that we don’t earn money unless you generate profits, we are highly driven to supply your campaign the amount of time and focus necessary to get that telephone ringing.

We are constantly optimising our procedures and trying new ways of getting your phone to ring with serious jobs.

If you are using your days running your business, and your evenings attempting to become an online marketing professional, discontinue that now. Wouldn’t you prefer to be with your family and friends having a good time?

Let's chat!

Let’s chat!


Our team can easily discuss the complete procedure for getting your phone ringing with flood damage leads in a 15 minute phone call.

Let’s make money together: Phone (888) 813-7722 or email us at with ideal time & contact number to connect with you at.