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If you are a water damage removal service provider situated in the US or in Canada and you are wanting to get water damage leads, then you have come to the optimum place.

128Px - is a premier source concerning local marketing solutions to make your telephone ring.

We realize that each water damage company is different and varies in it’s business methods.

Some firms carry out mold restoration, others do not. Some companies do rebuild services, while some don’t.

In case you are already aiming to position your own web site for you to get water damage leads, then you are probably squandering your time.

Contemplate this … Would you be your own surgeon?

Of course not. You could not do as good a job. Plus, it would be very dangerous.

So why then fret about aiming to get placement on page #1 of Google ?

You can get water damage leads from

Leave behind that undertaking to the experts!

We don’t charge every time we send you a phonecall! Our method to work on pay per job. You compensate us after the project is wrapped up and you get a check.

Good News

Doesn’t that sound awesome!

These days, there are multiple organizations that are billing $ $350 or more for each and every phone call. Some of these received phone calls don’t work out.
Possibly the man or woman dialed multiple service providers, or they don’t have the authority to allow the service. At times since the man or woman called other water damage mitigation firms, you’ll turn up and observe that a different company has gotten there first so you cannot the job, but you still need to pay hundreds of dollars for that phone call.

If you are tired of paying for every telephone call especially the duds, then you’ll appreciate collaborating with We don’t get paid until you get paid. That’s right. The day you receive payment is when we get paid.

How about postponed payments? Have you ever needed to go to sue to get the home owner to pay out? If so, we won’t hassle you. Our company will sit tight until you win the case and receive the payment.

We believe in a win-win situation. Due to the fact that we don’t get money until you generate profits, we are highly driven to give your campaign the time and focus needed in order to get your phone ringing.

We are continually optimising our methods and trying new means of getting your phone to ring with legitimate jobs.

So, if you are spending your days running your business, and your nights attempting to become an online marketing master, stop it right now.

Wouldn’t you prefer to be with your family and friends having a good time?

Our team will be able to describe the over-all procedure inside approximately 15 minutes

Let’s team up: Phone (888) 813-7722 or email us at with optimal time and telephone number to get in touch with you at.