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Want More Water Damage Leads?

Without Getting Ripped Off?


☑ Low Setup Charge

☑ $0.00 Monthly Charges

☑ No Surprise Charges

☑ No Charge For Sales or Junk Calls

☑ Pay Only AFTER You Get Paid!

ZERO Risk + ZERO Cost = No Brainer

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In The Next Few Minutes...

Do you Need Water Damage Leads?

Since 2014, we have been exclusively generating leads for water mitigation companies.

The information you will learn in the next few minutes is going to open your eyes to a new, effective way of getting more water damage restoration leads by phone, which will mean more business for your water damage restoration service.

Next, I have some Good news… and some bad news for you.

Good News - Water Damage Restoration Yields BIG Profits!

First the Good News – As you already know, Water Damage Restoration is one of the most profitable businesses out there. There is a lot of money to be made.

You help people restore their home after a water disaster while getting paid very well for providing such a valuable service.

Bad News - Huge Competition For Business

That brings us to the BAD News – The competition for the work is intense. Water damage marketing is complex and cut-throat. Water damage leads are hard to get.

Everyone wants more restoration leads and a bigger piece of the action. 

The Result?

There is an entire industry based on finding and selling these valuable water damage leads by phone to water damage restoration companies.

No doubt you have been approached by multiple companies offering to sell you these flood damage leads for your area. You can buy water damage leads if you are willing to pay a water damage lead generation company to handle your lead generation for water damage and restoration.

Some companies have a pay per click for restoration companies if you are looking to buy water damage leads.

Lead Generation Services - Charging The Big $$$

Although there are different methods, all these lead generation companies basically do the same thing:

  1. A person comes home to a flooded house or water damage emergency.
  2. They search Google for something like: “MYCITY Water Damage”
  3. They select a company from page #1 of the Google results.

These results here are called PPC or Pay Per Click.  This is what makes Google Ultra-Rich! A single click will usually cost between $45 – $150.

Sometimes it takes 5-10 clicks to get a single phone call.  That adds up fast!

If you run your own PPC campaigns, you know that you need watch your PPC like a hawk because Google can quickly drain you dry, and leave you with THOUSANDS of dollars in advertising costs, and no paying jobs.

If you purchase these phone call leads from another company,  you are probably charged between $299 – $499 per call (not per job! That’s per call!).

That’s an average of $399 for making the phone ring. If it takes 2 – 3 phone calls to land a job, you are paying $800 – $1200 per job.

That Adds Up FAST!

Questions? Call WDLeads at (508) 678-9900

Bad Leads - Cost Time & Money!

It’s bad enough that the calls are so expensive, but what happens is that you get calls that are garbage!

What’s your most aggravating type of garbage call?

  • When you’re asked to be the third company to put a bid in for insurance.
  • When you make the appointment, show up and the person doesn’t let you in because someone else got their first.
  • When it’s just someone trying to sell you something.
  • When someone calls to report a city water main emergency?

Now you have to fight with the lead company over what is a valid call, and what’s a phone call that you  SHOULDN’T HAVE TO PAY HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS FOR!



You have waste your time emailing back and forth, or leaving and receiving voice mails.  You’re already paying $399 per call, and you have to waste your time arguing over whether or not you should be billed?




Questions? Call WDLeads at (508) 678-9900

Have You Ever thought: "There Has To Be A BETTER Way!"

How Would You Like …

  • Low Setup Charges
  • $0.00 Monthly Charges
  • No Surprise Charges
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • No Charge For Sales calls or Junk Calls
  • Pay AFTER You Get Paid!
  • ZERO Risk + ZERO Cost = No Brainer

Questions? Call WDLeads at (508) 678-9900

How It Works

  1. You tell us which areas you service, and which services your render. Some companies do water mitigation only, while others offer mold remediation and build back.
  2. We use several different web based methods including videos, websites, paid ads, comparison sites, etc… to grab the attention of someone needing your services.
  3. The home owner calls our advertised tracking phone number.
  4. Our automated system starts recording the call.
  5. The call is forwarded to your emergency hotline number and is answered by your staff.
  6. You hear a “whisper” saying.. “This is a WDLeads call”.
  7. You answer the call, get their address & information, and dispatch your crew.
  8. Our team calls to verify whether or not you landed the job.
  9. You email us a copy of the Xactimate ® invoice, and keep us updated on the billing process.
  10. The day you receive payment, you either mail a paper check for our commission, or we can charge your credit card.
  11. Rinse and repeat.

If You Do Not Get The Job, Then You Pay $0.00.

It’s That EASY!

Questions? Call WDLeads at (508) 678-9900

You Exclusively Receive All The Phone Calls

We forward all calls EXCLUSIVELY to you using a unique phone number.

You have access to the recordings and a control panel where you can monitor all the calls received.


You can login to your control panel and listen to call recordings and download all details.

Questions? Call WDLeads at (508) 678-9900

Using Targeted Keywords Is Very Important

WDLeads uses our own proprietary developed software to track and analyze every click, phone call, search term, and digital property used to know what works, and what doesn’t.

The result is we know which search terms deliver jobs and which don’t.

For example, we block searches like “iphone water damage” and thousands others that do not lead to jobs.

This limits useless calls, while laser targeting the search terms that lead to profitable jobs for you.


Questions? Call WDLeads at (508) 678-9900

Kids - Don't Try This At Home!

If you ever tried to build a website and get it ranked on page #1 of Google, you know it’s a lot of work and a big expense.

The reality is that 99.99% of people fail at this.

I’ll explain…  There are only 10 spots on Page #1 of Google, so 99.999% of people trying to get on page #1 FAIL!

Not only that, but it takes a lot of maintenance to keep your presence on page #1.

If you have tried to develop and manage your own pay per click campaign, that’s also a difficult task. It’s very easy and common to quickly lose thousands of dollars due to errors, and even competitors clicking on your ads!

You seriously don’t want to be doing this stuff yourself.

Unless you are a super ninja website builder, SEO monster, and pay per click black belt, you are going to find it nearly impossible to generate the jobs you need AND do so profitably.

You need to spend your time making money do water damage restoration, not battling with Google and your competitors.

With WDLeads, you pay $0.00 until AFTER you have been paid. You can count on us to do the job for you for a fraction of the cost, hassle, and risk of trying to do it yourself.

Questions? Call WDLeads at (508) 678-9900

Commonly Asked Questions - FAQ

How Many Phone Calls Can I Expect To Get?
That’s easy!

You’ll get between 0 and 1,000 calls each month. 🙂

Seriously… It’s impossible to give an answer to that question. Each city will get different results depending on many factors including population, weather, etc..

But think of it this way…  If we get you  just 1 job a month, isn’t that worth your $0.00 start up charge? 

Do the math yourself, and you’ll see it’s a no lose situation.

Do I Need To Sign A Long Term Contract?
No long term contracts are required. You can quit anytime you want.  No Hassles.

How Do You Get Paid?
You pay us our commission the same day you receive payment for the job.

You can either mail a paper check to us, or for a small additional convenience fee charge our commission to your credit card.

Can I Use This With My Current Advertising Methods?
Yes, Definitely!

It’s like fishing with multiple fishing poles.

We will send you jobs in addition to the jobs you are currently getting with your own marketing effort.

We are TOTALLY separate from your marketing efforts. We will not have any negative effect on your current SEO or website.

Will This Harm My Current Website or Google Places Listing?
Absolutely not.

We are 100% separate from your current SEO efforts.

We require 0 changes to your existing web presence, and will not link back to any existing websites that you have.

Is The Pay Per Job Plan Available To All Companies?

We reserve the right to modify which plans and terms we offer to individual companies.

Our philosophy is we always look to establish a Win-Win situation so that both companies make money and grow together. We tailor our lead generation arrangement to your company’s individual needs and requirements.

Due to the variety of areas we cover and experience and circumstances of water damage companies we have different lead generation plans. Some may or may not be available to your individual company.

Call (888) 813-7722 to see which plans are available in your area.

Don't Wait! - Go Grab Your Local Area Before Your Competition Does!

128Px - 153Note: Some clients in some areas will be required to pay a deposit after receiving a job.
To be fair, we  lock in cities on a first come – first served basis. Don’t risk losing your area to your competition!

Ready? Call WDLeads at (508) 678-9900

Exclusive Area

Unlike other services that send the same lead to multiple companies, you will get exclusive access!

Calls Are Recorded

Each call is recorded and tracked so you don’t have to worry about paying for bad calls.

No More Surprises!

No surprise and huge Pay Per Click or Pay Per Call charges. No Job = No $$$

No More Arguments!

The ONLY Valid Call is one that puts a check in your hand!

Claim Your Area Today For FREE Before Your Competitor Does!

Have Questions? Feel Free To Contact Us Through The LIVE Chat / “Leave a message”  On The Bottom Right, Or Call Us Toll Free At (508) 678-9900


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